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Meditation 24x7

In the last couple of decades, Meditation has come up as the most popular spiritual method with a promise of a peaceful life. This promise includes techniques, activities, timings, types, stages, and some special sounds.

Has it really fulfilled the promise or it ended up becoming a 'part' of the day?

Find out what Meditation is (and what it is not) for a peaceful and stress-free life with Acharya Prashant in an easy video-based course.


  • Find out what meditation is not.
  • Get introduced to meditation as a way of life: 'Meditativeness'.
  • Know what fundamental scriptures like Ashtavakra Gita, Bhagavad Gita, and Upanishads have to say about Meditation.
  • Meditation in Action: Acharya Prashant's guidance on how to deal with daily life meditatively.
  • Go beyond tools & techniques and be meditative 24x7!

Live-Chat Support

You can also ask your queries from the sessions to dive deeper into the depth of this course.


Session 1: You still remain
"If you are meditating to feel good, then you are just deceiving yourself." ~ Acharya Prashant

Session 2: Breath or life?
"Maybe watching your breath is a nice way to avoid watching that which really needs to be watched." ~ Acharya Prashant

Session 3: Stages in meditation
"Attention is not about keeping an eye on yourself. Attention is about being an attendant to the Truth." ~ Acharya Prashant

Session 4: Sounds in meditation
"There are a variety of sounds always entering my sensory space, are they not? Why do I feel attracted to, or charmed by, or offended by a few of them. " ~ Acharya Prashant

Session 5: Towards Liberation
"Mostly the kind of meditation that we practice is ornamental. It really does not address the core problem." ~ Acharya Prashant

Session 6: Meditative energy
"Meditation is to seated in the heart. Meditation is to be seated in total relaxation. Meditation is to be committed to peace, then whatever gets done has harmony about it. " ~ Acharya Prashant

Session 7: Types of Dhyana?
"If there is one thing that prevents you from leading a meditative life it is methods of meditation." ~ Acharya Prashant

Session 8: Distracting thoughts during meditation?
"The thing is that the ego cannot survive without problems. The ego needs problems as its daily diet. Therefore thought and ego are very much inseparable." ~ Acharya Prashant

Session 9: Ocean of methods
"Enlightenment cannot be given to anybody, that comes to you of your own accord of your own decision" ~ Acharya Prashant

Session 10: Meditativeness: The Right Meditation
"When is meditation true? When you can feel no difference between meditation and life." ~ Acharya Prashant

Review Tests

After every session, to help you revisit your learnings a simple review test has been designed.


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